Third Eye Innocent and Open Wide

Five tons of anti-flax

25 January
I'm a geography student system administrator unemployed slacker website tester, living in Southern Stockholm, Sweden. Despite what pictures show, I'm not a raving psychopathic axe murderer. Honest.

Warning: This journal may contain adult content. (That is, I might swear, blaspheme, or otherwise carry on.) You Have Been Warned!

Disclaimer: interests only interests, not necessarily things I advocate, blah blah blah. I doubt all that many people like unscheduled criticality excursions for instance.

"I do have a cause, though; it is obscenity. I'm for it." -- Tom Lehrer

Other vital descriptors:
* Slacker.
* Cake meister.
* "Don't forget tea god and massage expert," says fluffboll.
* Apathetic misanthrope.
* Rave rat and rivethead.
* Former Usenet junkie.
* Has a "someone-grabbed-both-ends-and-stretched look".
* Tea drinker (averages 2-3 liters/day).
* Too long to fit into my interests list: "that which the eye of man hath not seen" (from the Gnostic Mandean scriptures, the Ginza Rba, chapter 45 (the Masiqta)).
* Married.

LJ friending policy: My "friends" page has the subtitle "people I like to read". I don't expect you to friend me back (mind, I'm not complaining if you do...), nor will I automatically friend you just because you added me. I consider LiveJournal a directed graph, but not a complete directed graph. (Nor a complete graph for that matter.)

Contact details (f-locked).

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